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Daily Spicy Sunday: Welcome to Day 2 of the Spice Bazaar! - December 03, 2023


Welcome to the the Sunday Spice Bazaar, because one day wasn't enough!

Is your commander list a bit boring? Need some quick ideas to spice it up? Have some spice of your own? Please use this thread to ask about and share the spiciest of cards to your hearts content.

If you're looking for staples, check out Playing With Power's list of staples for the most common staples in the top decks.

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Discussion Charity Stream and Auction in Honor of Sheldon Menery


The MTG Community and the Rules Committee are hosting a two-day Charity Stream on November 18th and 19th in honor of Sheldon Menery and his contributions to Magic. (https://www.twitch.tv/commanderrc) This stream will feature faces from all aspects of Magic, coming together for Commander games as we work to raise money in the fight against cancer in support of Moffitt Cancer Center, per Sheldon’s family's wishes. Our current goal is to raise 50,000 for Cancer Research. You can donate here > https://streamlabscharity.com/@commanderrc/in-honor-of-sheldon-menery

During this stream, you will be able to hop in and hear stories about Sheldon and witness some of the biggest creators in Magic playing Commander. There will be a stream of giveaways that you won’t see anywhere else happening during these two days. Some of these items being given away include a Sheldon signed Aminatou, the Fateshifter, Foil DCI Promo Living Death, Sliver Overlord (Scourge), sketched Kardur Doomscourge artist proof, Inkshield AP Sketched, and much more!

In addition to the stream Kingdoms TV and MTG Marketplace have partnered to host an amazing auction event ending the evening of the 19th. All the funds raised on these auctions will go directly to Moffitt Cancer Society in support of Cancer Research. Some of our already-existing items include: Artist APs (both blank and drawn), Secret Lairs (the Advent Calender SL from last year and more), MTG Marketplace Playmats, Summit MTG / KingdomsTV Playmats, Dragonshield Accessories, 3D alters by Keithulu and From the Forge Alters, original re-art of the OG dual-lands by Jesper Myrfors, APs from Pete Venters, Mark Poole, Margaret Organ-Keen (Artist Proofs from Antiquities), Mark Tedin, Kari Christensen, Steve Argyle, Art Prints by Howard Lyon, and more! Our latest edition is a playmat that's been hand-painted by Anson Maddocks.

There is something for everyone! Please invite your friends/colleagues here. -> https://discord.gg/TKgjCTyVsG (edited)

Thank you all so much for your past, present, and future efforts/contributions.

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Deck Showcase [PRIMER] My strongest deck ever is an accidental combat trick tribal.


Decklist : https://www.moxfield.com/decks/xfJlJ0yRfUSwZmAl0yGyHA

Primer : https://www.moxfield.com/decks/xfJlJ0yRfUSwZmAl0yGyHA/primer

Gameplay (MTGMuddstah) : https://youtu.be/KMQeb408S5Y?si=QSQKrhCaKvEdFJwe

[[Sergeant John Benton]] is by far the strongest deck I ever built and it was by accident. Since I like it so much, I wrote a short primer.

The goal of the deck is to pump your commander with combat tricks, swing, draw a copious amount of card and repeat. Having the ability to play at instant speed in Voltron is a game changer.

If you are looking for your next commander that can go against high power tables, look no further. Because this deck is a showstopper that no one will expect.

Plus, since combat tricks are very cheap, the deck can easily be made budget.

If you have any questions or comments about the primer or the deck, feel free to DM me! :)

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Question EDH Staples Under $10


What are some EDH staples that are under $10?

Other than Command Tower, Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Arcane Signet, Commander’s Sphere, and any of the other ones that come in commander precons; what are some Commander staples under $10 you think someone should have in their collection?

My birthday is coming up and I want to fill out my commander collection. I have a sizable collection now, but most are my pet cards or very synergistic cards with my commanders. I realized I don’t have some of the staples. So I wanna pick up a handful that are under $10. Help a player out.

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Discussion Land, Go; non-control commander?


I like the idea of a commander/deck where I can take my turn at basically any point in the turn order, using instants, flash, activated abilities, etc. But I’m not a big fan of control, so I would lean toward the activated ability options primarily. I’m willing to do some setup, like dropping my next permanent on my turn but doing “the thing” with all my activated abilities later in the turn order. I have a [[Ghave]] deck that behaves kind of like this and am considering a [[Jan Jansen]] deck for something similar. But wondering if there are other good options out there too.

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Question Big hitters on a budget



one problem i found with huge ramp decks or stuff like Animar or this guy that gives everyone ninjutsu: The really big game-ending cards (Darksteels, Eldrazi etc.) are often of a hefty 20+ $ budget. As my table is not of highest budget plays, i d like to hear your opinion on this:

What are your favourite big hitters/Game Enders that you can get for around under 5 $? I like [[Kozilek, the Great Distortion]] but it is not half as good as the non-budget [[Kozilek, Butcher of Thruth]].


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Question What are some good white and black counter spells?


Looking to add some extra layers of defense in my [[amalia]] deck to help curb my opponents casting either big spells or trying to influence my board, what would be some good spells to either counter or alternative way of countering like send back to hand

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Discussion What cards are busted in your play group?


We all know the obviously broken stuff. But, I want you to speak personally, from the heart. At your LGS, or friend group, or whatever, what oddball cards are the meta? What's busted beyond belief, for no reason? Are basic islands banned? Does [[Dark Ritual]] cause a table flip? I wanna hear about it.

On my end, my god is [[Lightning Greaves]] busted in my group. It makes your commander untouchable if it's too big to block. No one can beat it.

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Deck Help Queen Marchesa - Thematic and on a budget



Some primers before I explain my deck.

I have played MtG a grand total of twice but have always sort of been intrigued by it. Recently, a friend has invited me to play some commander with him in some pods so I agreed and started looking into building a deck. My first thought was to build something using primarily the Lord of the Rings set (big Tolkien fan) but was playing around on EDHRec and discovered some other cards that felt really cool to me. You might be asking "why didn't you just grab a precon from the LTR set and go from there?" and that would be a great question. Truth is that I just can't help myself when it comes to card games and I really like crafting my own decks then fine-tuning as I play. In this case however, because I have zero starting collection, the fine-tuning as I go isn't as much an option which is why I'm here asking for your help.

Deck Concept: The deck I've concocted here is meant to get the monarch token in play and then try to create scenarios for others to attack each other. While I try to reap the benefits from these scenarios, I want to slowly accrue value and remove meaningful targets to my long-term success. I also tried to keep it pretty thematic with most of the creatures being Humans, a large collection of assassins, and a collection of the various monarch related cards. Overall, the deck is mostly tied to the idea of nobility, intrigue, and politicking. As much as possible, I'd like to keep it thematic -- for some reason I get great joy from having things being thematic.

My overall budget is about 100 dollars. I have a fairly significant portion of that budget tied into the enchantments, but if there's something that isn't necessary there or would be best served elsewhere, I'd love the recommendation. Power level is not a major concern; as long as the deck works mostly as intended then that's good enough for me.

If nothing else, I'd love to have someone take a look over the deck and tell me I'm not being ridiculous with my choices or overlooking something major. I appreciate any help I can receive.

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Discussion Indominus Rex, Alpha as a balance of its ability build.


I know there are some good ‘’Voltron’’ strategy for it, you can go ‘’Combo’’ with draw from the command zone or ‘’Reanimator’’ strategy from the discard. But a want to talk about a more ‘’Balance’’ way, putting to use all that he is giving. The ‘’Voltron’’ don’t really care about graveyard, the ‘’Combo’’ don’t really care about anything and for the ‘’Reanimator’’ they are stuck with Keywords more than the usual big targets and the commander will only fill the yard with a few creature on the first cast.

Still something viable could be made from those but what if we explore the ‘’Balance’’ way of the great Dino in a strategy. For Keyword it’s no surprise that Indestructible and Hexproof are what will make the commander stick, having those 2 keyword plus more stuff for draw and evasion will make a reliable threat. So that will give our Dino full of good and reliable friends like Gods and creature that never see target removal to play with in our deck.

For the reanimation instead of going the classic ‘’big target reanimation’’ it could fit better to go for the ‘’opportunistic-repetitive reanimation’’ route with card like [[Drana, the last Bloodchief]] and [[Ancient Brass Dragon]]. The target for reanimation our deck ask we put in are keyword so the more Indestructible friends we have by cast or reanimation the happier our Dino will be.

[[Indominus Rex, Alpha]] is kind of at an odd place in its manacost, 4 colored mana out of 5 kind of keeps him in check of bursting too fast. He like to be fashionably late to the party around turn 4 but he will be in a beautiful keyword outfit, so it would be a good idea to also slow down our opponent sometime after his grand entrance with card like [[Damnation]] so the great Dino can shine only tolerating the best of his good friends. We can also easily go minimal in the artifact and enchantment cards taking out those to for a bigger Dino shine, our deck demand keywords creatures the rest is up to us.

This is not a deck help post it’s more a discussion about how viable you think a more ‘’balance’’ strategy could play and win, we are going for a more board control and resilience strategy were some form of cleaning up will happen in the game plan and the longer we go the bigger our side of the board gets to party.

Here is my decklist as an exemple with a primer giving more explanation but the same strategy could be apply with some variation like more counterspell, board wipes or indestructible creatures. Some stuff may seem out of place like for sure we will lose our creature ramp that is why we have at least some land ramp.


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Question Any word on when we can expect Veloci-ramp-tor to be restocked?


I'm one of the unlucky ones that had my preorder delayed due to "supply chain" issues. At this point I'd be willing to just pay the $50 (up from my $35 preorder) my lgs charges for standard orecons if they had it in stock, but there's no way in hell I'm paying a scalper or disingenuous game store trying to huck the product for $85+.

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Deck Help I would like to have an opinion about my Saruman deck.



I play a lot on Spelltable. And i usually join "7" lobbies.
Usually, if everything goes as planned, with this deck i can take out 2 players around turn 10.
Latley iv'e been getting alot of salt for this deck in particular.
I know that everyone has a different opinion about power levels, and that's fine. I would like to have a feedback on what could i change to make my deck "less hateable" What should i change? Less countersplells? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Discussion Building a 5 colour deck that's themed around "wrong colour". What are you favorite cards that have the wrong colour identity?


I know this sits somewhere just outside the realm of deck help but I'm brainstorming a few different decks ideas and I landed upon that not so new idea of building a deck where each card sits outside the traditional colour identity.

For example [[Withering Boon]], [[Illumination]] and other non blue counter spells.

What are other cards, ideas I should add?

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Question Card Scavenger Hunt


Hey all, I've been searching in a few places/ sites and I'm convinced a card exist that I haven't been able to dig up.

A big green sorcery(+5 mv)that let's you tutor up a number of basics into play equal to the greatest power among creatures you control. It might depict a Stonehoof Chieftain-esq creature in the art?

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Question AEtherize effects?


Is there any way to protect my stuff from AEtherize effects? They always completely blow out my combat focused decks and I basically scoop or lose. Assuming I’m not in blue to just counter it, any ways to counteract this type of effect? Typically I play elfball or tokens or something like that and no amount of hexproof or indestructible can save me from it.

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Discussion Commanders like Prosper that do it all?


Most commanders I do play are either enablers (for instance [[agatha]] or [[goreclaw]]) or are payoffs for getting the deck going (like [[isshin]] or [[brudiclad]]). Prosper on the other hand does it all, giving you the impulsedraw as well as rewarding you for playing those cards with free mana. I know its not easy to alayd differentiate between those things as most good commanders do atleast somewhat both, but what are in your opinions the commanders who "do it all"?

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Discussion What’s your opinion on missed triggers?


Say you’re playing a game with a stax player at the table and theres multiple triggers on each turn. If the stax player misses a trigger and you just continue on with your turn do you feel obligated to point out their missed trigger? Or is it okay to just keep playing out your turn because it’s their effect on the table that they should be keeping track of?

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Question Uncertainty about Commander Tax


Hi everyone, I have a question about the commander tax. I've heard that some creatures don't actually pay the tax when casted for more than once, as for example [[Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow]] because of her ninjutsu ability, now, I was about to build an Angel deck with [[Sephara, Sky's Blade]] and I was now wondering if her alternate cost would also make her castable without the tax or not, I'm not really sure about what classifies as an alternate enough mode to cast the commander so that it doesn't pay the tax, could someone please explain me?

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Deck Help Omnath 4c clone deck help


Hey, all so I am looking to turn my omnath into a clone deck any feedback would be much appreciated <3 I am sure I've included too many clone creatures and I wonder whether to cut some for some more counter spells or ways to protect omnath? Here is the link :


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Question Deck for new player/wife


I'm looking for a quick easy budget deck for my wife to start playing. Nothing that has a whole bunch of crazy triggers for her to keep up with. I need it to be simple so I can drag her into this with me. Let's see those deck lists! Thanks in advance!

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Deck Showcase [Primer] - Oops all Dragons! (C&C welcome!)


Decklist: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/tcLaFIDepkieJ5wZZ9R7ng

Primer: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/tcLaFIDepkieJ5wZZ9R7ng/primer

While not the most original deck or theme, I really really REALLY enjoy this deck and commander. I was bored so I spent many hours the last few days writing this primer.

Comments & Critiques welcome on the Primer! (and deck too) I'd love to flesh the primer out with any information that someone interested in playing with the deck would like to know.

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Deck Help Struggling to close games with Gyome, Master Chef


I love [[Gyome, Master Chef]] as a commander but I can't seem to win games with him. Most of the time, I'm unable to generate enough food to win through artifact sac payoffs. Here's my deck list if anyone's interested:


Decks on EDHREC tend to go down the life gain/ sacrifice route but Gyome's food token generation is highly dependent reliably getting creatures on the battle field.

I'm thinking about using him as the head of a golgari group slug deck with big creatures. I do like Gyome's ability to generate food which can be used to protect my board from removal and tapping my opponent's creatures. What do you think? It would be awesome if anyone could post their non-tribal golgari group-slug deck list.

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Discussion What budget and underused cards do you have that make a big impact in your decks?


I like to have a bunch of cards at home so that I can just throw together EDH decks when I draft a cool commander or when just i buy a new commander.

I like to build decks with a big pool to start with.

Now, I know the most popular cards (thats what edhrec is for).

Im looking for cool stuff i havent seen before to add to my collection.

Weird, fun and unused interaction, interesting creatures that fit in a bunch of decks, staxxy stuff. Thanks!

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Deck Help Putting together my first Commander deck


As the title suggests!

I got a whole bunch reprint enchantments in my WOE prerelease packs (and got gifted some random Dominaria United cards) so I put together this Enchantments/Tokens deck.

There are a few cards that I feel are a little shoe-horned in there and I'm not precious about keeping any of the cards in there so would love any feedback on how you would improve the deck list so far. Budget isn't really an issue except maybe cards that are +$150 but mostly because I don't trust myself with nice things.

Here is the list:


Thanks in advance


I'm seeing the win con for this deck as being making lots of tokens

Power level wise id like to I want it to be something that isn’t totally indestructible that my friends still will have a fun challenge playing against.

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Discussion Dinos to fishy friends


Bought the Dino precon only to have it cancelled by Amazon. I switched to merfolk as I had them when I played during the lorwyn block. Was exited to crack my 2 card sample pack from the precon package and pulled 2 Dino’s.. karma.. [[Rampaging Ceratops]] [[Hulking Raptor]]

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Question Best evasion tools <=2 CMC?


I’m looking for ideas on ways to get damage through with my commander in Orzhov colors that will also fit with a [[Lurrus]] companion theme.

Cards I’m already including or aware of:

[[Angelic Gift]]


[[Zephyr Boots]]

[[Vorrac Battlehorns]]

[[Trailblazer’s Boots]]


[[Key to the City]]

[[Inquisitor’s Rosette]]

[[Wedding Invitation]]

Any other tools worth a look?

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Question Wich card should i remove?


I have the [[Sidar Jabari of Zahlfir]] precon and i got [[Invasion of New Phyrexia]] from trading. It's my first own deck and i don't know wich card i should remove for it. i have watched some YT videos and articles wich knights and spells i can remove but they never mention [[Invasion of New Phyrexia]] although it is a good card for this deck in my opinion.