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Megathread Megathread: Conflict in Israel and Palestine


From time to time a story catches the world's attention in a big way - and leaves us with questions. The violence in Israel and Palestine in October 2023 is one of those stories. It leaves us asking many questions, like:

  • What is happening in Israel?
  • Who exactly are the good guys?
  • What's the goal of these attacks?
  • Is this the start of World War 3?
  • Why does the US provide support to Israel?
  • Why do many left-wing people support Palestine? Why do many right-wing people support Israel?

The problem is that many of these questions get asked repeatedly. That's a problem, because it can make it hard for other interesting questions to get the attention they deserve, and because our users get tired of answering the same question so questions don't always get good answers.

When this happens, /r/NoStupidQuestions makes a Megathread that is stickied at the top of the sub. All your questions related to Israel, Palestine and the current conflict can be asked here - just write a new top-level response to this post in order to ask a question! Non-question top-level comments will be removed, sorry.

Megathreads are part of /r/NoStupidQuestions and follow the same rules as the rest of the sub. We know that this conflict can be emotional for people, but we ask that you remember the human and be kind to each other. Insults and hate speech (like calling for genocide or calling one side sub-human) will get you banned.

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Is it okay to charge for a family potluck


My family just had a family potluck and my nephew who's about 10 years older than me decided that he and his family would host it. Everyone pitched in and decided what utensils they will bring, what dishes they will bring, etc. No family who went to the potluck skimped on dishes or utensils. Then when the last week rolls up before the potluck he texts everyone "okay for the groceries cost everyone will have to pay 10 dollars up front" is it okay for him to charge family for a potluck that he volunteered to host? My mom was really upset at this.

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Will I be fined/jailed if I parked in the "Reserved Parking-for our law enforcement partners" space at Wal-Mart?


I see regular people parking there all the time but I never see them leave or what happens afterwards.

r/NoStupidQuestions 20h ago

Medical emergency on plane, death?


Throwaway account because I feel like this is a very stupid question. My partner and I were on a flight with a medical emergency. An old man collapsed in the washroom and they asked for doctors on board. 2 went to assist him and then he was lying on the ground and we couldn't see much afterwards. It seemed like after about 20 minutes the doctors, his wife, and flight attendants just walked away from him (the wife was crying) . When this happened we were only 45 minutes from landing. When we landed, paramedics and firefighters rushed onto the plane and we had to stay seated. However, after sitting for a while and having EMTs on board, they let us all get our stuff and leave. My question is, does that mean he died? My opinion is if he was alive, they would have taken him out on a stretcher right away before any passengers left. My partner thinks it's because he probably had some sort of fainting episode or something and then felt fine once the plane landed. But i feel even if it was something non "serious" he still would have been taken off the plane before the other passengers. Does anyone have any opinion as to whether he was likely ok or not?

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Friend has gotten 2 DUIs and never went to court for either of them. How fucked is he?


Had a chat with an old friend that had gotten a DUI. Turns out, he actually got two of them, a few months after one another. He never went to court, never paid a fine, just went about his life like it never happened….now, it’s been two or three years since.

How fucked is he? How has he gotten away with it for so long? If by some miracle it gets to be 10+ years down the road, does it just go away? Or, is there no statute of limitations if there were actually charges filed?

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Is pretty much everyone depressed these days? Or am I in the wrong subs?


I'm terribly depressed and wherever I look it seems to make it worse. Nobody seems happy these days. And that's fair. It's just also really, really discouraging

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Do your answer the door in the middle of the day?


I work from home 1-2 days a week. Last month, while I was in an online-meeting during home-office, my appartment-door (in a 6 appartment building) rang.
I was wearing sweat-pants and a t-shirt, and openend the door. It was my landlord, who was doing an unanounced inspection through the building with 3 other people from the tenants' association of the house.
They just wanted to check something about the heating, and so I let them in... and I had 4 people trample through my appartment. I usually clean up a little when I expect visitors, and put on fresh clothes, which I couldn't do... so I felt quite uncomfortable.

What would you do if someone rang your door in the middle of the day, or in the morning, or in the evening? When should you open the door, and when not?

90% of the time, it is just some delivery for someone else, or someone wants to sell you something or scam you. Why should you give them that chance?
Why even answer the door at all, if that person did not inform you... everybody I care about has my phone number, including my neighbours next door that I like. Including my landlord. When someone does not have my phone number, that is intentional.

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Is it a war crime to fake surrender and when the timing is right then you attack?


r/NoStupidQuestions 13h ago

Why does the cyber truck look so stupid?


r/NoStupidQuestions 8h ago

I'm a 25 years old woman and never had a relationship: am I going to regret this?


I'm a 25 years old woman. I never had a relationship. I went on some dates, but nothing happened. I even never kissed. I don't know what is wrong with me.

I would like to go for a study while working (going for a bachelor degree). This will take 4 years and I can start this in several months. By the time I graduate I will be 29. I'm afraid my time will be occupied by studying and working and that I will have no time/energy to date.

I don't want to end alone. I'm still living at home, but hopefully I can move out in September/October.

Any advice?

r/NoStupidQuestions 13h ago

Is anyone truly not afraid of dying?


The fact that there could be nothing after we die truly terrifies me. I’m curious if anyone for real doesn’t fear dying.

r/NoStupidQuestions 5h ago

Is the "hamburger" and "hotdog" folding paper terms just an American thing?


Growing up, we called vertical folding of paper the hotdog style and horizontal folding the hamburger style. Do people of other countries say this as well, or is this just a weird America thing?

Edit: I did some digging and found this post and it is just a weird American thing, like criss cross apple sauce.

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How have there not been mass violent protesting for how much taxes rich people avoid?


r/NoStupidQuestions 1d ago

What is an unspoken reality of casinos that is purposely kept hidden from the public's awareness?


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In the phrase "Turn in one's grave", along which axis is turning happening?


This phrase can also be "Spin in one's grave" or "Roll in one's grave". Whenever I heard this phrase I always thought the spinning axis is the one going from your back to your front (chest), but recently I saw an illustration of someone representing the phrase and it shoved the turning happening on the bottom(feet) to top(head) axis. The back to front idea probably makes me think of this phrase more light-heartedly than I should be, as the image conjured in my head is comical.

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Why do so many people have to answer a question with the same answer?


In a Facebook group, someone asked what streaming service has a show they were looking for. About 100 people responded with the correct, same answer. Happens here on Reddit, too. Why? If I know the answer, but someone’s already correctly answered, I move on.

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My husband is trying to fix swollen laptop battery


My husband is at the kitchen table, in front of our kids, trying to take out macbook batteries that are swollen. How dangerous is this really?

He stopped. It's in the garage until we can find a place to take it. Than you for your help, I was completely floored he was messing with it at all.

r/NoStupidQuestions 11h ago

Does toxic femininity exist?


I ask this question because I've heard alot about toxic masculinity and misogyny. I feel like it's quite a big topic and it gets a lot of coverage on many platforms, including Reddit. However, I don't think I have once heard the term 'toxic femininity' or whatever the opposite of misogyny is. I don't even know the word. Is there such a disparity between toxic masculinity and toxic femininity? Why is one so much more widespread than the other?

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Why are people grossed out about body hair on women?


I saw a clip about a women painting a fence and there was a split second of her showing under arm hair. I didn't notice. I went to the comments because the fence looked like shit and wanted to see if others agreed. All of the comments were about her body hair. Almost everyone was commenting on how disgusting/dirty she was (she wasn't). I'm genuinely curious why people think it's disgusting for a woman not to shave.

r/NoStupidQuestions 1d ago

Why do plus size women always ask if you really prefer them over petite women?


I’ve dated both plus size/chubby and petite women and the chubby ones always ask me if i prefer them or the petite ones. I’ve never been asked by a petite woman whether I prefer them or not.

I mean if I didn’t like chubby women then I wouldn’t have approached her right?

Edit: Thank you for the responses, I’ll reassure her every chance I get.

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Is it normal to have the everything drawer?


I recently saw a tiktok about it and I started thinking about it. Is it normal to have a drawer somewhere with pretty much everything. Sometimes its an important item. Sometimes its not. Its just there.

I got one and theres like 16 knifes, 1 airsoft pistol, 1 gopro, 1 rip off gopro, stickers, phone chargers, some cool stuff, a book, my broken computer mouse, like 8 pens and erasers, gloves, cool keychain accessories, a roll of toilet paper, chapstick, keys and so much more.

I dont know where I got all that from. Most if it i dont even use or know why I would need to use.

Its just there

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How can one have probiotic "live cultures" as a powder? Don't bacteria need water to live?


"Live cultures" in yogurt seems to make sense, because that's actually what bacterial colonies look like. But when I see "live cultures" promoted in pill form or capsule powder form, that makes no sense to me.