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News Final CFB Playoff Rankings 2023-24


1.) Michigan

2.) Washington

3.) Texas

4.) Alabama

First Two Out:

5.) Florida State

6.) Georgia

*Per CFB Playoff Selection Show

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This riddle doesn't make sense.


I'm desperately trying to work out their reasoning but nothing fits

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To people who have also worked with multimillionaires or billionaires, what is something different they do from ordinary people?


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You are stuck in a dark room for a year with only a gaming pc. And you can only play one game, what game are you playing?


I'm playin Minecraft

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Transporting a nuclear missile through town

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AITAH for not letting a girl dressed as a “slutty elf” who ended up at my house borrow some sweats after she was uncomfortable and cold?


I posted this yesterday on another sub but they removed it because “there was no interpersonal conflict” so no one got to vote. I mean the conflict was between me and the girl and me and my sister. There’s a small update since I did the original while I was breakfast with my sister.

Not sure where to begin with this. I guess last night one of the more popular frats on campus was having a “Christmas on the beach” themed party so all around the bar area were girls dressed in bikinis with vague Christmas themes.

My roommate is dating this total nut job named Sydney and as far as I knew they were broken up. Well at like 2am he bombs through the door with Sydney and her friend in tow, both dressed like “slutty elves” with way too much skin showing. My roommate and Sydney went to his room and still haven’t come out. I was playing Fortnite and the other girl said she was the designated driver and was stuck would she mind if she charged her phone and hung out until she knew what Sydney was doing. I said fine.

Maybe 15 minutes later she said something like “I know this is so weird for both of us but I’m not here by choice, I just don’t want to bail on my friend but sitting here with a guy I don’t really know in a bikini is weird and I’m cold. Do you have some sweats I can borrow? I see you every Monday and Wednesday and I promise I’ll give them back.”

I told her no I wasn’t comfortable with that. She asked if I at least had a blanket. I found one in my roommates spare room but it was really small and said I was sorry it’s the best I could do. She fell asleep on the couch and i went to bed.

My older sister came to pick me up for breakfast and she saw the girl sleeping on the couch and asked why a half naked girl is sleeping under a baby blanket. In the car I told her what happened and she basically got so mad at me saying I had about 30 opportunities to be a really decent guy and I blew it. She said it sounds like the girl was trying to do the right thing by her friend and I could have let her use sweats, I could have let her sleep in my bed while I took the couch, I could have said that she should go home and I’d drive Sydney home…but basically I was an asshole because I left an apparently nice girl in a vulnerable position and I didn’t even care.

She said that I need to grow up if I want to have friends and have some empathy if I ever want girls to like me. She has no idea if that girl was into me or not but I missed a great “practice round” of treating someone in a nice way that they may reciprocate.

When we got back to my house my roommate, Sydney and the girl were gone. There was a sticky note on my door that said “thank you for letting me stay here, sorry it was weird. Please say hello sometime. -Nat” my sister said this was even more proof that I acted like an “anti-social weirdo” and she was just being nice and the reason I have never had a girlfriend is the way I acted last night.


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The varying degrees of country folkore

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40.5 meter (132 ft) death jump world record by Ken Stornes


Credit to Ken Stornes (Instagram)

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I wonder how much this cost him…

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ This is horrible

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Same old Boomers vs millennials shit

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Jack of all trades, master of none


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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Just accept him

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The Pentagon says a US warship and multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea


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Discussion Which president are you defending like this?

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The Pentagon says a US warship and multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea

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Small Success Little princess successfully removes her birthmark

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Tradesmen are the ones who are smug nowadays


There is an old stereotype about the college-educated being smug but this seems to be in the reverse today. Tradesmen seem to be the ones who think they are better than those who pursued college because they make more than unproductive degrees. Unfortunately this romanticized sentiment about the trades has started to leak into the general mainstream. Tradesmen can go months without work, take on huge physical tolls, and still make less than the productive degrees such as STEM, Nursing, and Business mid-career. Not to mention that their salaries are going to drop if more people start entering trades rather than going to college.

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Guess the place

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Opinion Booger McFarland's live reaction: “This is a complete travesty to the sport. Because we go out there on the field and we play the game. Regardless of whether we win with offense or defense, the name of the game is to win. That’s the reason why this has never been done before (13-0 P5 champ out)."



Continued: "I understand the style points and best matchups, but one team has a loss (Alabama) and one doesn’t (Florida State). Those kids have went out there every week and busted their behinds for this moment.”

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Hand My son doesn't see what this is, did I mess up? What do you see?


Maybe I can see it only because I know what it is.

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Dozens of Troops Suspected of Advocating Overthrow of US Government, New Pentagon Extremism Report Says


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What F1 opinion got you like this

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