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Discussion Does anyone in the White House know basic economics? Or do they think we are stupid? Inflation is still at 3.2% YoY and was flat last month, not 0%. Also, the the economy didn't grow 5% last quarter, it grew at an annualized pace of 5%.

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Iliza Shlesinger is painfully unfunny


The worst part is she acts like she’s killing it every set, all in on the most cringe and over the top bits with zero humor. Her “physical” comedy, noises and mannerisms make Dane Cook look like Jerry Lewis. I wish Facebook would stop shoving her reels down my throat 🤮

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Shadow Wizard Money Gang /Unwiz If you dont like my posts, then ignore them. I enjoy posting and rp-ing and talking to people here. Wizard posting is fun and wacky by nature and invites a wide variety of people to post a wide variety of things. Dont gatekeep, be chill.

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🌎 World Events The aftermath of a massive massacre perpetrated by the IOF yesterday, after it bombed an entire neighborhood in Gaza City containing at least 1000 people.

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DISCUSSION They have officially ruined fortnite


So hear me out before you go on a rant at me.

For a game at its core has lost its identity.. weapon modifications. It has put my girlfriend off play entirely. For someone who suffers with dyslexia, and someone who gets overwhelmed easy, she really enjoyed the OG season, to the point of where its was an escape for her (and me) since they have made a fairly "fast paced game" now so you have to flick through 10 different variations of one weapon is overwhelming when you need something that you are comfortable with using. They brought so many people back with the OG season to push them all away again. Well done Epic, you have truly screwed up in my eyes. Not just my opinion but alot of my friends too. Doesn't feel like fortnite anymore! Rant over.

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ No words

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University Genuine appreciate post for the UC handling of the recent Israel-Palestine conflict

  • ignoring virtue signaling students protesting every day and begging the administration to completely submit to their demands on a topic they learned about 1 day ago through a twitter thread

  • giving mature non-inflammatory statements on a complex geopolitical situation only when needed

  • handled Peyrin Kao situation in a measured and restrained way, my boy is still employed

Everything has now died down without controversy.

Happy I chose this school over Oxford.

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OC Picture My ( poorly made ) drawings for fictionnal Turkish Euro coins


The 1, 2, and 5 cent coins with the Turkish emblem on it.

The 10, 20 and 50 cent coins represent the bağlama saz, the zurna and the davul ; Turkish instruments used in celebrations.

The 1€ coin represents the Bosphorus Bridge with an eagle ( Turkey’s official "animal" ).

And the 2€ coin represents Atatürk, a guy considered to be the savior of Turkey ( please don’t judge him, I can’t draw faces ).

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ULPT: Always carry a roofie in your car if you drive after drinking.


If you go to the bars and decide to drive home and get pulled over, pop the roofie and tell the officer that you only had 1 drink and don't feel right. When they test, they'll see the roofie in your blood and you can argue that you were spiked instead of drunk.

If you're BAC comes back high, just say you didn't remember much from the bar.

EDIT: Folks seem to think that I believe the police will let you go right away. The purpose of doing this is to place blame at the place you were drinking and have a defense in Court. You will be arrested, go to hospital, go to jail, be let go. Test will come back and you'll have to go to Court... With a defense attorney that has something to use.

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Misc Advice Would you give up a 3-day weekend for $100/hr


r/Satisfyingasfuck 18h ago

value of waiting

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Non-Fiction My wife discovers she's a pedophile.


Okay, so this story is actually pretty tongue and cheek. I just thought it was hilarious. I 26m and my wife 28f have been together since high school. When we first started dating we took each others virginities when I was 16 and she was 18. We were both still and high school at the time. Honestly the whole relationship was pretty adorable right from the start. Holding hands on the bus, us getting off at the wrong bus stop so I could spend more time walking her home, us kissing on an old wooden bridge while it rained. Very hallmark type of stuff. As we grew older I would tease her that because I was 16 and she was technically an adult that means she technically groomed me (her being a 5'2 innocent catholic girl and me being a 5'9 lacrosse player). Her deflection for this was that the age of consent in our state is 16. But one night we were drinking and the same old joke came up. That led us to do some research on the actual law. Turns out yes the age of consent is 16 but the relationship has to at the approval of the younger parties parents. My wife then claimed that because my mom would buy my condoms for Christmas it was my mom's way of consenting to us having sex. Fast forward to this year. My mother was staying over at the house because she was on a business trip and didn't want to pay for any hotels. Once again I brought up the joke and my wife then used her Trump card about my mom buying condoms which means everything was cool. My mom then turned and looked at her and said, "I didn't consent to you too having sex. I just bought my son condoms because I didn't want him getting any girls pregnant. I knew I couldn't stop him from having sex, but if he was going to I wanted him to use protection." I don't think I've laughed that hard in years. So now because of this revelation. I can now say the canonical story of events for me and my wife's long and very happy marriage starts with her grooming me as a young teen, technically molesting me, and then through her manipulating my young mind she convinced me to buy and ring and propose to her on the top of a mountain over looking a lake on a camping trip we went on together. Long story short, according to reddit logic. My wife is a pedophile and a child molester and I've sentenced her to asking for forgiveness over her large collection of Jesus candles (I told her not to be looking at the baby Jesus candle because I just know.)

Before the comments section starts freaking out. Yes I know there are real victims in this world and this story isn't ment to belittle their experience. I'm just trying to tell a wholesome and funny story that's finally come to a close.

Edit- This post has made me realize that a lot of people either don't have a friendship with their significant other where there are recurring jokes or they aren't in a relationship with their best friend. They're in a relationship with their bully.

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Movies Sequel Trilogy


I grew up with the OT but if I had to sit and watch one of the Trilogy’s I’d probably choose the ST. I just really enjoyed them for the most part especially TFA. I would be interested in a series following Maz and see what adventures she gets up to.

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Bought Myself an 18th Birthday Present 🤭

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Int'l Politics Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians (2017) - [00:23:13]


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Territory claimed by the World Zionist Organization in 1919

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Bit Annoyed “Diet Soda is Worse than Regular Soda!”


First of all, it’s not. Second, will it make me fat? No. End of discussion.

I’ve noticed that the people who say this are usually the most out-of shape, or just get a kick out of feeling healthier or smarter than everyone else around them.

Edit: some of you guys are getting triggered by this. I’m not saying that soda is healthy, although diet spares calories, making it a “healthier” option.

Regardless of how you feel, why do people feel the need to tell other people their opinion on this when it was never asked for?

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Discussion NoPixel Allegedly Covered Up Data Breach and Failed to Notify Users in August 2022


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Discussion Saban: ""If you really want the four best teams to compete, the four most deserving teams that have progressed throughout the season ... I think people should look at the whole body of work, I think this team is one of the four best teams and one of the teams that's deserving of the playoff".


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Opinion Piece How Pierre Poilievre's 'soft populism' is riding a global wave of voter frustration | The governing Liberals have been working to hitch Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to Donald Trump’s 'MAGA' populist politics


r/CFB 6h ago

News Statement from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Florida State getting left out of the playoffs


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J'aimerais que le RN gagne les prochaines élections


Je suis un africain originaire d'un pays francophone et en France depuis quelques mois dans le cadre de mon travail. Je suis de sensibilité politique gauche, même extrême gauche, mais je ne vote pas en France et j'ai pas l'objectif d'obtenir la nationalité. Mais, par voyeurisme, j'ai voir MLP au pouvoir, juste pour voir comment elle va résoudre le problème de l'immigration et de la souveraineté française. L'immigration légale (genre demande de visa, étude de dossier, sélection des talents, tout ça), les pays développés en on besoin a cause de la baisse du taux de natalité et si ils peuvent en même temps attirer les talents, ils ne vont pas se priver. Du coup, la lutte contre l'immigration sera plus contre l'immigration clandestines qu'autre chose. J'aimerais donc voir comment ce sera fait en pratique et voir aussi si les avantages sociaux dont bénéficient les français "de souche" seront réduis (presque sûre que ce sera le cas) Beaucoup des votants du RN disent qu'ils sont déçus de la droite et de la gauche traditionnelle et j'aimerais aussi voir comment ils réagiront après être doublement déçus après un mandat d'extrême droite

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2 Fancy 2 Furious: Wine


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De campagne is begonnen !

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