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Flagged for too many men on the field immediately following a timeout, the coaching was just as JV as the play today

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Do I look like anyone?

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49ers aggressive on offense.


It's amazing to watch a team not take their foot off the gas on offense despite being up multiple scores. They run the ball but not to kill clock, rather to keep attacking. There's no reason our offense can't look like that. Can't wait for our week 16 matchup.

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Box Pic/Haul All three were deeply discounted at my local Costco

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Avengers-40 Friends-20 Submarine-50

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Unsolved Old car on a Remembrance Day display

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jakks scale


would a big show jakks figure be the same scale as a mattel figure. this is the figure


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Rant LO isn’t even a retelling anymore (fastpass 257 spoilers)

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I’ve written pages and pages of rants on this comic. I’ve spent hours talking about how it’s an awful contribution to Greek mythological media. But not once have I ever been this baffled and downright angered by a plot point in this comic. I’ve been upset with the horribly handled themes of SA, the awful treatment of the goddess Demeter, the sexualization of a young girl who is largely only ever seen as a victim in the media. All that has time and time again reoccurred in the comic enough for the critics to talk at length about those things over and over again. But now we’re presented with one of the single worst things this comic has done to butcher the original story of the Persephone and Demeter myth.

Winter already existed.

Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I’m being dramatic. But the fact that neither Demeter or Persephone created winter from their story together, the fact that winter apparently existed before Persephone married Hades, possibly even before they met, is my last straw, seriously. The original myth is a story telling the creation of the seasons, and why they change. You’re telling me that’s not a part of LO’s version? This isn’t a fucking retelling, this is a sloppy, heartless, boring, and offensive misuse of the tiles and names of the Greek gods. The myths are so poorly included in this comic, they might as well not even exist in it to begin with. Taking away every baseline of the myth and making it drastically different isn’t being subversive or something, it’s making you look like a fucking idiot.

This comic has officially lost itself. It’s a sad load of nothing and a pointless fetishization of a myth about a girl being abducted and turned into an eternal victim. The fact the fans and media will continue to support this as “one of the most creative retellings of a myth” makes me lose hope for Persephone’s myth altogether.

Here’s to the Demeter and Persephone that no one will remember. God I’m tired of how much the media hates these two women.

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Me and my group of friends were super hyped about this game until we found out there is no multiplayer


Honestly I think in 2023 is a big miss, it's just a gaming Standart at this point at least as an option even if it may Come with some restrictions, I'm a monster hunter player and since Capcom announced this I said we'll at least we will scratch that hunting itch but I guess no, I've started playing one and I like it a lot but I close the game after a while since I'm all by myself, did some research into the online version and I think I'm going to try that if any of you have tried the online version please give me your thoughts

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Explicit Activities/NSFW 28[F4F] Anywhere/Ohio- looking for connections


Hi, I'm Crystal. Im married. I'm bisexual poly. I'm mainly looking for female friends. I need a best friend. Someone I can come to when I'm down. Someone who will come to me when they're down. I want a true relationship with lots of communication. Now, I know there will be days no ine will want to talk. I get that. But be willing to talk it over when you're ready.

Things about me: Im pagan. Use to be Christian, but I am embracing my witchy side. I love to bake. Baking is my passion. I love to write. I write erotic short stories, romance novels, and poetry. Don't be afraid to ask me about some. I do game, but not as much as my husband. Pokemon is a main game I play. I have two fur babies(cats) and a skin pet(stepson). They are my world. I have tons of pictures. I love humor. Dark or light. Idc. Make me laugh. Make me think. I love to learn. Teach me something youre passionate about. I'm a foodie. I love to eat.

My dislikes: Hypocrisy.
Liars. And rudness.

Be real with me and I'll be real with you.

If there's anything else you wanna ask, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you. And if you read through this, give me a song you can listen to on repeat.

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Rant (Console/PC) An Update and a Dream


Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing this to myself. We have another update that should fix the current state of the game and hopefully bring us more content and realism since they have allegedly been listening to the player base but this update may make or break my interest in continuing to play this game.

Watching recent games like Man City vs Tottenham I always get an itch to try and emulate the style of play in real life on efootball. A game that is supposedly based on simulation and realism. I watch as Son is through on goal and has an offensive player like Doku to beat and he takes a nice touch and breaks away from the defender and scores a solid goal. What happens in efootball is if you get that same exact situation, if you so happen to beat doku, he would catch back up instantly and magically rip the ball off you from behind with ease despite not having defensive stats. Or worse, you get grab spammed into oblivion. Then you see how Tottenham decides to play with 4 fullbacks who aren't very tall but they have the pace to try and contain Man City. They sacrificed physicality for speed and it showed in the match. The Tottenham defenders weren't magically turning into the hulk to body bigger players like Haaland upfront and lost a decent amount of headers but that is realistic. In efootball you have 168 cm players jumping over players like Van Dijk or Giroud like its nothing. Flash forward, you have doku on offense in the Man City game where defenders have to respect his speed and ability to dribble and don't just rush in for a tackle. Tottenham has to defend him as a team. Doku wins some of his 1v1s out wide and when he breaks past a player they don't catch up to him or gets grab spammed. Meanwhile on efootball, a player like Doku can't dribble past a player without them magically catching up to him and then getting grab spammed even in the box where you see most players defend with their hands behind their back due to the chance of being called for a penalty. We aren't even going to mention the heat seeking missile Ai assisted auto defending that has been getting buffed seemingly every major update.

I have made it to Division 1 again without using meta formation or tactics (Not to be celebrated because matchmaking is bad and I can get matched up with players in Div 10-6 for more than half the games unfortunately for them) and there is nothing to play for. This will be the first major update after all the surveys have been conducted so I am interested to see where the game will go. I am giving the benefit of the doubt to Konami again but I fear that the realism that brought me to the PES/efootball series is a long lost dream that we won't be able to experience again.

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ZTNA Solutions Vendor


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Baby Names What do you think of Violetta?


I just love it so much, but I’m a little worried that it’s too ‘out there’. I would probably pronounce it like vee-o-letta, but I think vye-o-letta is cute too. I’ve seen people say that it sounds Italian- but I live in Canada and have never heard the name used irl so im just a little scared people would think it’s an over the top form of Violet. What do you think? Is it really that bad? I really love it lol. (For the record, I don’t intend on having a child anytime soon, but I do want to in the future.)

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Reading how do I unlock a partner/better dating life?

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I seem to be forever single and haven’t had any healthy relationships in my romantic life. I am very close to other women but relationships with men are always complicated.

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3 puppies need rescued


There are 3 puppies in Rincon that need to be rescued. They live under a trailer with the mother. They are about 8 weeks old and need to be taken inside and fostered. Can anyone help? I would take them but I live in Miami. My sister lives there and can’t take them bc her pit doesn’t like other dogs. I also have someone who can spay the mother for free if anyone can help transport. Also, if anyone wants to get them and meet me half way between miami and rincon, I’ll take the puppies. Can anyone help.

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Picture After several months of hesitation i finally brought the game while it was on sale, Wish me luck!

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Discussion I didn't know!


I've been watching this channel for years. Only until today my browser had Closed Captioning on. I had no idea he captioned what he was doing. I've been watching this guy silently create all this technology with my own internal monologue.


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JLA and her obsession with FMC being stabby


I seriously think JLA has a knife kink because all of her From Blood and Ash books and the prequel following along has the FMC always having a knife at hand and for some unforeseen reason they always use the knife and then the same joke always comes back to the FMC accidentally using the knife on someone they know (ish). 😭 Pls lmk if u agree or disagree

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is this a good split/workout routine


upper,lower chest/abs upper back/lats (seated row and lat pulldown wide grip) and arms-bicep curls, tricep press, shoulder press with smith machine legs/ hamstring/ calves. - leg extension, reverse leg curl, calf raisers (weighted) and leg press. any improvements help

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Dito after being asked to be turned into a cartoon Pony :D (art done by me)

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Question Is there any legit ways to get free vbucks other than save the world?


I want to know if there is any other legit ways to get free vbucks because I'm not able to buy any.

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Tier 3 Raid Samurott starting soon 693324075345


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Trading I am trading fruits for most perms


Comment below for more information, and I'll tell you what I can give you for perms

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can i get feedback in my new song

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Pink bag on Arcadian Island


Has anyone found the pink bag on the fourth island of the Ancient Video Games world?

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Unsolved Help tracking hours Time in out for the day and for lunch. hoping for a running total up for the month as well!


Hello, I am a total noob, and after some help. I need to track my own work hours into multiple days and into total hours for the month. I am hoping to basically have time in, time out for lunch time back in for lunch, and time out. I then want to have it add my hours for the day.

I do not always take a lunch, so it would be ideal to work if those areas are blank as well.

Could anyone assist with this? I have basically done made the format I want, but haven't successfuly gotten any functions to work.