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He wants a future with her

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u/grumblemuffin 12d ago

A few months into dating, I was at my apartment trying on outfits for a party he and his roommate were throwing when he calls me out of the blue to tell me he’s at the emergency room; he fell at the climbing gym and broke his arm. I was out of that apartment and on the road so fast, I left my half eaten lunch sitting in my armoire.

When I got to the ER, he was getting X-rays done- I could see him through the glass but he hadn’t seen me yet. He looked miserable and exhausted and in so much pain. I waited till the nurses were done and walked in and the moment he looked up and saw me I knew- this was the real deal. Nobody had ever looked at me that way before. His whole face lit up and he smiled with such sincere relief and comfort- I will never ever forget it. I love that idiot so much.


u/agoodmintybiscuit 12d ago

This is so beautiful. It's really underrated to think about love shown simply by how much they need you or them super excited just to see you. It reminds me of my great loves where they looked at me with so much adoration and were so excited to see me, especially during hardship. I'm glad I got to feel true love at least once cause it's hard to believe I will get that blessing again.


u/WexExortQuas 12d ago

God damnit man I already put my makeup on

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u/aldegio 12d ago

This makes me want to cry. My guy and I had a similar moment when he was in the ER with a burst appendix. I could see him before he saw me, he looked a sad sight, pale, tired, hurting. Then he looked up and saw me and I saw the relief in his face and we both started to tear up.

We were both so scared in that moment and then that mutual relief and joy in seeing one another.

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u/AdConsistent732 12d ago

This is how I look at my wife. She may be an idiot, but she’s my idiot


u/ABoringAlt 12d ago

When did you know your idiot loved you?


u/i-d-even-k- 12d ago

For me, it was when we were grabbing lunch one day at university and our conversation just... stopped out of the blue? For a minute? even though we hadn't started eating. He was just sitting there looking at me, staring almost.

So I asked what was wrong, and he just said, "you have beautiful eyes", with the most stupid smile on his face.

I still miss him. Fuck cancer.


u/purplehazzzzze 12d ago

FUCK cancer. I’m so sorry for the loss you’ve suffered. What a beautiful story though :)


u/Sentauri437 12d ago

Christ, I'm really sorry

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u/PolygonMan 12d ago

Very early in our relationship I was debating whether to stay with her. I was drunk and depressed and she was driving me home from a party.

I said, "I'm sorry [name], I don't know if I feel about you the way you feel about me. I think we should break up."

She said, "No. We're not breaking up right now. You're going to go home and drink some water and eat some food and go to bed. And then tomorrow you're going to apologize for saying that shit to me."

And I did go home and get some water and food (she helped) and I went to bed. And the next day I apologized for saying that shit to her. And I've never said it ever again, and I am so thankful that she put me in my place that night and didn't leave me for it (or let me leave). Coming up on 15 years pretty soon here.


u/SingleLifeSingleBike 12d ago

Thank you, I felt your story.


u/sukezanebaro 12d ago

Is she a Jedi?

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u/Wonderful_Cow_1194 12d ago

I'm sobbing this is so cute 😭❤️


u/kontourkoffee 12d ago

how cute😭💌 green flag all the way.


u/Ookimow 12d ago

Something similar happened to my wife and I 16 years ago. I was walking home and a car hit me in the crosswalk. I got knocked down and a little bruise but I was fine. A friend of a friend was stopped at that light and immediately called my wife who was then just a friend. She didn't have a car at the time so she jumped on a bicycle and rode 20 minutes to my house to make sure I was okay. I knew when I opened the door and saw her there panicked winded and sweating that she was the one. I imagine since she jumped on a bike to come to me rather than just picking up a phone that she probably already knew I was the one for her.

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u/fieria_tetra 12d ago

We were laying in bed together, watching a show. Out of nowhere, he says, "You know what? I do."

I responded with, "You do what?"

"I do love you."

And I just about melted into a puddle of happiness before saying it back.


u/Potatoman1010 12d ago

Guy is having an internal monologue and said "fuck it, I do love her"

Honestly heartwarming


u/SimplyViolated 12d ago

That's pure and true shit right there. The two mini versions of yourself on your shoulders type thing. Do it! No don't do it! Do it! No! Yes! "Ah fuck it, I do!"


u/Captain_Hope 11d ago

No joke, makes me think of how my parents got engaged.

Mum told me that they were driving home and having an argument about something. Dad asked her something that she couldn't quite remember but she did remember her response being, "because that's what love is!!" to which Dad had said, "That's... that's what love is?" and Mum confirmed.

She said he went silent until they got home and after they had put away some things and settled to chill on the couch, he promptly asked her to marry him. After realising it wasn't a joke, she asked him to ask her again which he happily did and she accepted immediately.

For context, my Dad's parents were very emotionally unavailable to him, it was very clear that he was not the favourite or loved child, the stories I've heard always make me ache for him. The love he received from my Mum, a genuine love that had no selfish intent behind it, was very new to him.

Years later when she told me the story, I pointed out that he went silent in the car because he was thinking about their relationship, realised he loved her and wanted to marry her and it made her melt because she hadn't thought of it before. I think about it a lot.

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u/sorry_human_bean 12d ago

I'm a construction worker, my BF is a travel agent. He's... not very handy or outdoorsy. That's okay, it's not his thing. I don't know anything about car rentals or visa applications, why should he know the difference between a hacksaw and a mitre saw?

Anyway, about six months after we started dating, my work hat finally bit the dust. Next day, he has a trucker cap with "Certified OSHA Violator" on the brim for me.

He's not from the US and he's never touched a lockout/tagout or fall protection harness in his life, he doesn't know what the fuck OSHA is. He presumably had to google "funny work ball cap" and then flip through Wikipedia to get the joke.

It's the little things.


u/Frostychica 12d ago

That's genuinely a thoughtful and funny gift!


u/calXcium 12d ago

that is so cute 😭 i'm not even in construction but i want that hat for myself lmao


u/Agreeable-Week-3658 12d ago

Literally just bought one for my buddy who works construction that I’m gonna give him for Christmas, I already know he’s going to love it. His boss on the other hand… probably not so much lol

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u/[deleted] 12d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Thishal_BS 12d ago

Good boy


u/princesspeachkitty 12d ago

Thassa man, call him what he is.


u/Sleazy_James 12d ago

Some of us love "Good boy"

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u/micahsays 12d ago

In my mind I'm imagining you at work in the office, instead of at your house. "... I'm at the office right now"

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u/Mundane-Research 12d ago

He hid chocolate in my flat and when I mentioned I was craving chocolate but didn't have any, he directed me to the secret stash


u/MentallyLatent 12d ago

My guy got the STRATS


u/Signal-Blackberry356 12d ago

That’s a winner for me


u/AlexRol_Spritz 12d ago

I'm pretty sure you're dating a squirrel


u/Mundane-Research 12d ago

A lil red squirrel... my boy is a rare ginger squirrel

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u/luthigosa 12d ago

I do this with chips for my wife, because i KNOW the craving will come.

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u/red_constellations 12d ago

As a fellow chocolate lover I would marry anyone who did this for me on the spot, that is brilliant

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u/Mr_friend_ 12d ago

I had a sports related injury and needed a microfracture procedure done on my hip to repair a a torn labrum and couldn't go up stairs for 3 months.

My husband (then boyfriend) slept on the love seat next to me on the sofa every night just to make sure I was okay. That's when I understood what "through sickness and health" meant and knew I was going to marry him some day. We've been together for 11 years.


u/KokoSoko_ 12d ago

Oh man this one got me, that is absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you found such a loving kind partner!

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u/JokeMe-Daddy 12d ago

My bf of 1 month and I were waiting at the bus stop after leaving a friend's party. I was freezing. He opened up his jacket and told me to come in for a hug, then buttoned up the jacket so it was covering us both. Some guy walking across the street just yelled at us, "Yo, that guy really loves you!" 15 years this January!


u/thebluerayxx 12d ago

Fucking legendary wingman! Didn't even know the dude and just had to yell that out. That dude deserves a lifetime of beers. What a dude!


u/Relative_Map5243 12d ago

Legend has it he's still around, a modern day Cupid.

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u/VespasianTheMortal 12d ago

So cute

But how big is this jacket we're talking about. I need a big jacket that can close while 2 people are inside

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u/ConflictWinter7117 12d ago

I puked everywhere and he cleaned it. (I was not well)


u/smallangrynerd 12d ago

Same. I had an edible that was way too strong, puked everywhere and had a panic attack with my face in the toilet. He cleaned it up and kept me grounded until I sobered up. I love him so much


u/CargillZ 12d ago

Holy shit I have the exact same story


u/NoFuqsTaken69 12d ago

That’s because yall keep eating way too much weed


u/Courtnall14 12d ago edited 12d ago

Pro-Tip, if it's been 40 minutes and you "Don't feel anything.", you do not, in fact "Need another one.".


u/NoFuqsTaken69 12d ago

If it’s two hours then sure. If it’s 40 minutes, you just have one of those 42 minute slow actors.


u/Dyanpanda 12d ago

Edibles have a much higher variance in strength and duration/delay because both the situation is way more varied (full stomache/empty) but also in genetics, with how much of a specific enzyme we produce. Add to that that the edible processed THC is way way stronger than delta 9, people can be high for half a day, and might still be messed up in the morning. Smoking is bad for you, but its way more reliable in dosing, as well as duration.

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u/looshagbrolly 12d ago

My experience is to just eat something. It's most likely your metabolism hasn't kicked in. Have a snack and then see how you feel.

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u/hellobeepbop 12d ago

I have almost the same story. I ate an old edible, had a panic attack and didn’t make it to the toilet, I threw up on the carpet. He cleaned it up and kept trying to soothe me. I felt so bad but also so loved 🥰


u/smallangrynerd 12d ago

I when I say I barfed everywhere, I mean everywhere 😭 that's how I knew we were in it for the long haul.

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u/Booplesnoot 12d ago

Similar experience from the opposite direction. My girlfriend and I got norovirus and she puked in her car on the way to my house, and I didn’t even think twice about getting in there to clean it up. Made me realize that I was starting to get serious.

We both spent the next 24 hours puking every half hour, it was awful, we’re married now


u/Lv_InSaNe_vL 12d ago

I had an ex girlfriend get her period overnight (I think? I'm not an expert lol) and bled all over my bed sheets, so I just cleaned up and moved on.

You'd have thought I cured Cancer though, when I really just washed my sheets lmao


u/sjh521 12d ago

Because men usually freak out. It’s traumatic emotionally to wake up in bed that isn’t yours covered in blood, you’re embarrassed and worried about ruining sheets and blanket’s and especially what you’ll think. So by being a normal human you made her feel normal too. Good job dude



“Booplesnoot just barfed again, must be time to tune in the news”

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u/jessdb19 12d ago

He was a truck driver and had a poo accident on the way home one night.

He said that was the night he knew I was with him forever, since I helped clean up and didn't leave or get grossed out.

I had said "Well this isn't even that bad, we'll see worse in the future." (and we have)


u/70ms 12d ago

My daughter's been dating a dude for a few months, and last weekend they got a room and went to a concert. She hit her vape pen way too hard and greened out and got really sick. He took care of her all night. <3

They're so young (21 and 20) and adorably in love. He stays here overnight sometimes and we'll get up to find them snuggled in blankets on the couch watching cartoons. I'm hopeful for them. :)


u/yuccasinbloom 12d ago

I was coming home from the bar in an Uber once and the radio started talking about del taco shrimp tacos and I just immediately felt so sick. So I threw up into my purse. I was drunk, yes, but hearing about shrimp tacos triggered me. I made the Uber driver check the backseat and see I did NOT throw up in his car. I wasn’t trying to get that fee. I go inside, fish out the important stuff, and throw my purse in the trash.

Well, I woke up the next day and my husband had taken it out of the trash and cleaned it. It was a really nice lined leather bag and he was just adamant it wasn’t going to get tossed. I still use that purse to this day and it’s been at least 6 years.


u/Returd4 12d ago edited 12d ago

Same with my now wife. Sprung up from bed, was in deep sleep, felt like I was going to puke. Ran to the bathroom, but didn't make it fully. I puked up pizza for like 20 minutes. I came out and she was cleaning up all of my vomit... knew right then she loved me.

And as for right now I have a broken ribs and she won't let me do anything. Even getting up she needs to help because she doesn't like hearing me make those horrible pain sounds as I try to move. I'm stubbornly independent.

Downvoters I hope you find love one day, if even from your parents. These things I just described are 13 years apart from each other

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u/Omagga 12d ago

When she puked everywhere, I thought she might not be feeling well. (I'm an empath)

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u/honeyandwhiskey 12d ago

Oh my gosh, this happened to me too! I got a migraine at work and puked in my car while driving home. He was home that day and he sent me right to bed with some meds and then cleaned my car. It makes me want to cry when I think about it, it was so kind.

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u/The-Friendly-Autist 12d ago

What a fucking power move, too. Dude literally laid in front of her the exact problem and was like fix it, because you know it will be the right thing.


u/EBlackPlague 12d ago

Communication is key. It's hard, but if both people in a relationship can nail it, they're set.


u/Caleth 12d ago

key is both have to be willing to try. You can learn another communication style if needed but you have to be willing. Seems like OP in this one got the grounding she needed to learn to do better and was willing.

Other times you also have to set boundaries like OP boyfriend. Fix this communication style or we end this. I'm not willing to be this person in our future.

My ex didn't respect our boundaries and while I adapted to communicate better she did not. She'd do thing like wake me up at 3am to restart a fight she was still upset about.

It was one of those times I realized I didn't love her anymore more and 10 years later I'm happily remarried and she's working on marriage 3.


u/ThatOneAlias 12d ago

Who the hell gets up at 3 in the morning just to beat a dead horse?


u/Caleth 12d ago

Sorry some missing context. We'd have the argument. She wouldn't get 100% of the resolution she wanted so she'd go to bed seething toss and turn until 2-3 then because she couldn't sleep she'd wake me up to get the fight going again.

Happened a couple of times and I walked out of the room and slept on the couch after the 2nd one.

But I'm off the crazy train and it's solidly not my issue anymore.


u/ThatOneAlias 12d ago

Jeez, if someone woke me up just to keep an argument going I'd be upset the rest of the day, I already have enough trouble waking up


u/Caleth 12d ago

Oh believe me I spent the whole next day at working bitching about her. There is a very good reason we aren't married anymore.

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u/[deleted] 12d ago



u/seasonedCheddar 12d ago

I believe in this as well. You are a team in a relationship.


u/clocksailor 12d ago

Gotta love a power move that empowers both of the people involved in the move.

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u/clocksailor 12d ago

We had already said I love you, but when my mom was dying, my best friend asked if we were going to have a shotgun wedding so my mom could be there for it. When I told him the story, he chuckled and told me I wouldn't need the shotgun.

He also just did way more for my sick mom than I would ever have asked anybody to do.

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u/creepiebeastie 12d ago

I was just talking to my partner about this. He told me he loved me and I was absolutely blindsided by it lol. I had picked up on the signs that he liked me before we got together, and we had decided we were just going to have fun, that the relationship had an expiration date alongside our graduation. He told me he loved me one night and I was suddenly examining all the time we had had together and I had missed every sign. Anyway we’ve been together 8 years now.


u/psycharious 12d ago

When did you realize you loved him though?


u/creepiebeastie 12d ago

I think I had already been falling for him, cheesy as that sounds, but I was afraid. I was still trying to shake off a past abusive relationship, and I still felt undeserving of having love or being loved. But when he told me he loved me, and I had that chance to look at that the time we had been spending together, I realized how safe I had been feeling with him, how much he validated my feelings, how much he made me laugh. I told him I loved him about a week later, that I had felt scared at first when he told me, and that I had waited to say it back because I needed to get over my own hangups.

In hindsight it sounds a bit dumb, but we were really young, still in college, and I was not very emotionally intelligent.


u/DrakkoZW 12d ago

Actually it sounds like you were pretty emotionally intelligent even then.


u/boscbartlett 12d ago

That doesn't sound dumb at all.

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u/ahomelessguy25 12d ago

Man, it’s taking you guys forever to graduate.


u/TodgerRodger 12d ago edited 12d ago

I shit my pants while absolutely paralytic, and she put me in the bath, stripped me naked, and hosed me down.

Put me to bed right after.


u/calXcium 12d ago

now that is real love 😭

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u/FlowerStalker 12d ago

He's a HUGE Pearl Jam fan and took me to a festival they were playing at. He'd been talking about making his way up to the front and I was mentally preparing myself for it for weeks. Day of the concert I got sick on the Uber ride over and my system wouldn't calm down. We still walked into the festival grounds and found a spot to chill while the other bands played. There was no way I'd be able to handle being crowded up with all the fans so I told him to go ahead and leave me in my spot and go to the front. I knew how much it meant to him and I didn't want him to miss out. We talked it over and I convinced him I would be fine on my own till the show was done. So I walked him up to the crowd and we kissed and said goodbye.

I decided to walk around and look at the vendors and booths and not 10 minutes had gone by when I saw he had called, my phone was in my pocket and I didn't feel it. I tried to call him back but he didn't answer. I looked on my Maps (we shared our GPS so we would be able to find each other) and he was in the same spot we kissed goodbye. I hustled over there and found him there scanning the crowd looking for me! He said he got about 3/4 of the way up there when he realized he didn't want to be there without me by his side and he'd rather be with me in the back than by himself.

It was so silly and cute that this grown man who has idolized Eddie Vedder for the past 30 years chose me. We had been together a year at this point, but I knew he really did love me.


u/SingleLifeSingleBike 12d ago

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. You've made my night.

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u/arieljoc 12d ago edited 12d ago

We were making homemade pizza and did a couple extra steps to make it even better. Barbecue chicken pizza and it looked so good.

I’m taking it out of the oven and I drop it part way in the oven.

I just look over at him with a sort of fear response and he doesn’t yell, nothing, just wants to make sure I’m ok and helps me clean up

I saw him take a breath first like obv he wanted that pizza but his love for me overcame any kind of knee jerk reaction to be upset


u/iamagainstit 12d ago

I’m sorry for whatever happened to you to make you think yelling at you would have been the normal response to that situation


u/bronco_y_espasmo 12d ago

Some of us have been traumatised, really.


u/an0nym0ose 12d ago

My girlfriend is a beacon of sunshine and just the most wonderful, wholesome human I have ever met and I'm gonna marry her.

I still see her jerk when I put my hand behind her headrest while reversing the car. Gotta close my headphones case real quietly when I'm lying in bed with her, because she'll shy away if they snap shut suddenly. We've been together for ~5 years, and she's still got the fear response. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

She's gotten way better, and is actively taking steps to mitigate with therapy, and has put up and maintained a lot of really healthy boundaries. But man, it sucks so much seeing how deeply that trauma response is bred in. My parents aren't perfect, but she really puts into perspective how great they've really been to me.


u/LinguistRainbow 12d ago

It's definitely not an easy journey, trauma responses suck. Great that you had those parents and still stand by her 💓

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u/rocket_randall 12d ago

When we were dating my now-wife woke up, realized she was thirsty, and grabbed the glass of water on my bedside. When she put it back it spilled a bit. When I woke up later on my phone was in a puddle of water and the touchscreen no longer worked. I said "Ah shit" and scooped it up to dry it off in the kitchen and then start trying to determine if it was fixable. It wasn't a new phone so I figured I would just replace it and try to get all of the data/texts off of it so away I went to find a phone of similar size but a few years newer.

A few hours later I realized I hadn't seen my s/o so I went back to the bedroom and she was burrowed under the covers looking like she had been crying. It wasn't until I talked to her that it became clear she thought that I was going to get physically violent over a waterlogged old cellphone. We had a good heart to heart chat, laughed about it, and went to lunch afterwards but it was clear that something which had happened in the past had left its mark on her. I imagine a lot of people out there carry similar scars from accidents in the past.

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u/Significant-Theme240 12d ago

Yeah, my wife used to have the "better lash out first to get ahead of the abuse" conditioning. It took a lot of years and patience to get her grounded above those responses.


u/Xe6s2 12d ago

Stg my gf is like this, I always feel like Gandalf trying to calm down Bilbo, “Im not here to hurt you, Im here to help.”

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u/Frostychica 12d ago

How did you guys do it? I'm really stuck there myself and it's so defeating when you're aware of it and still can't catch yourself in time. I'm lucky my partner is really patient but idk what to do myself


u/totodile-ac 12d ago

for myself i got therapy to process my trauma. i still have to catch myself here and there when talking to people but things are much easier now.


u/reinofice 12d ago

I used to have this problem too (still do sometimes), had to learn some tools to work through it in therapy but the biggest help was reframing things. You're likely on the right track but it takes a lot of time and practice, and you're going to mess up sometimes but don't beat yourself up. Just make notes of what made you upset there and why and how you could have thought about the situation differently and just keep practicing that way of thinking. Reassurance and questions help like: "I made a mistake and that's ok," "What's the problem here? How can I solve it?" "What's the worse thing that can happen? Is that so bad?" Questions and thoughts like that help in situations, eventually it becomes easy and you don't even need to really think about it each time. You just stop getting angry or lashing out about those things.

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u/RandomRedditReader 12d ago

Unfortunately an entire generation has been raised thinking it's not ok to make mistakes or have an accident through fear.


u/thaddeus_crane 12d ago

learning to apologize and admit i was wrong/made a mistake has been the hardest thing for me in terms of emotional growth. my parents never apologize to me, have said they would never apologize to me, and actively taunt(ed) me and criticized me for being wrong. apologizing or admitting youre wrong makes you an open target in my family.


u/folkhack 12d ago

Yah. Apparently I can't hold a flashlight right enough... which apparently justifies screaming in a child's face.

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u/trio1000 12d ago

Y'all can make 100s more pizzas. Can't make another one of you

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u/ConfusedFlareon 12d ago

I’ll add another nice positive story!

He invited me over for dinner for the first time at his house - I have coeliac disease and cross contamination is a very real problem for me with food. So I knew when I saw that he’d bought a new pan and colander to make absolute sure there wouldn’t be a single speck of gluten on them to cook safely for me~


u/shitsu13master 12d ago

Wow does he have a brother


u/ConfusedFlareon 12d ago

Aha sorry nope, sisters only


u/littlebloodmage 12d ago

Works for me! 🏳️‍🌈


u/bullettrain1 12d ago





Also killer username.


u/TheMoistBunghole 12d ago

I can take one for the team...


u/golden_pathos 12d ago

Username checks out

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u/OhReallyYeahReally84 12d ago

What I read:

“Wow, does he have a boner?”

And I was like: why is that relevant to dinner?

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u/ThriftyMomzz 12d ago

My daughter has celiac and I pray one day she’ll find someone who loves her as much!!! 10/10 romantic!


u/Senxind 12d ago

Is your husband single?

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u/kryptonianjackie 12d ago

My wife has celiac disease as well. It's no joke but so many people don't take it seriously. I am gluten free at home to keep our kitchen a worry free space.


u/badgersandcoffee 12d ago

This is genuinely wholesome 😊

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u/Puzzled-Barnacle-200 12d ago

My story:

About 9 months after officially stating, he had to have surgery for appendicitis. After the surgery, before he was allowed to see anyone, the nurses said he was asking if I wad there, not his parents. When I was him he said he wanted to marry me. As we were only 19 and he was high on morphine I ignored this. 4 years later he proposed again and I said yes.

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u/Dusk9K 12d ago

I was having a rant about not having anything to wear to an event, tossing clothes here and there. He sat on the bed watching me and casually said, "We really have no need for TV, as you're quite entertaining enough on your own." Stopped me dead in my tracks and made me laugh.

I'd never been with a man that didn't immediately either try to fix me or somehow make me being upset about them and their ego. Married him 27 years ago, happier ever year. I so identify with this post.

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u/DwarfFlyingSquirrel 12d ago

I had a multi-year long bout with pneumonia, sepsis and bronchitis. In one of those bouts I went to the hospital and literally threw up on my girlfriend. I decided then and there we were going to get married. She thought I was really really sick but then realized I wasn't kidding.


u/Individual-Pea1892 12d ago

Jfc multi year long im so sorry


u/[deleted] 12d ago


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u/Illustrious_Dust_0 12d ago

I messed up dinner - burned, wrong ingredients- and it tasted terrible. He pretended to like it and cleaned his plate


u/caressingleaf111 12d ago

Genuine question I'm really not trying to be snarky here, but if you knew it's that terrible why did you serve the food or let him eat it? Unless you knew it's terrible after he was done


u/Illustrious_Dust_0 12d ago

I gave him his plate first and once I tried it I apologized and offered to order in, but he insisted 🤷 it wasn’t like, inedible or anything it just wasn’t good


u/Cutestgarbage 12d ago

I cook for my wife and she’s too nice to say if it is bad, even if I know it is. But when I cook well she really likes it and that’s how I know when I cook bad


u/caressingleaf111 12d ago

Makes sense and that is really nice of him :3

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u/AcanthisittaNew2998 12d ago

First thing my GF made for me was pancakes. We were 17/18 and having dinner with her parents, but she wanted to cook mine.

She cooked them on high, burnt the outside and the inside was runny. I ate the whole thing and said it was fine. It wasn't fine, it was awful.

We've been together 15, married 8, and we still laugh about the god awful pancakes she made for me all those years ago.

Material things are irrelevant, it's the person that matters.

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u/Subm 12d ago

Some times you just can't afford anything else. It might be difficult to procure new food and that's all you have on hand. Some times you also don't know if it's terrible until after you've served it and had a taste yourself. Terrible doesn't necessarily mean hazardous and most people judge their own cooking a lot more harsh than it is, so it might still be edible.

The again, this is just my experience.

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u/Rockshash-Dumma 12d ago

Level 99 in proposal ideas


u/Crovali 12d ago

Unexpected RuneScape


u/Thosepassionfruits 12d ago

If only Jagex could figure out a way to level up their communication skill. Twitter and Reddit should not be customer support.

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u/jlusedude 12d ago

I knew I loved her, we were very serious but this confirmed everything. I just had major neck surgery (whole cervical spine) and couldn’t really move my head at all or bend over. Sitting/Standing was super hard, I had to hold my head to stabilize it to move, making sure it stayed in line with my spine. I’d been doped up on opioids and not really eating till that day. Finally felt better so I had some food. I get up to go to the bathroom at like 3/4 am and while there, I realize I don’t have to go but I have to vomit. I can’t bend over and she’s sleeping so I don’t want to wake her. While trying to figure this problem in my drug induced haze, it solves itself. I start projectile vomiting in our bathroom. I felt it coming so turned my body and it is arcing out and then into the sink. I have to call her between spouts. She wakes up to find me standing there trying to control myself while vomiting in a standing position. A good portion made it to the sink but a lot also was not. I had to go lay down and couldn’t help clean at all. I would never leave that for her but literally couldn’t do anything helpful. She didn’t complain at all, just cleaned and checked on me. I knew I was even more special than I thought.


u/OkaP2 12d ago

We were friends, just talking, I told him I went on a date with some guy and he got really quiet/upset. He distanced himself, which made me sad. I realized we were both two socially awkward idiots who had liked each other for 3 years but were both too inept to understand when the other made a move.

Now we basement dwell watching anime and playing games together, in our own house.


u/lowkeyoh 12d ago

The dream, honestly


u/Funandgeeky 12d ago

Nerdy socially awkward idiots are some of my favorite people. I’m always happy when they figure it out and find love.


u/ByTheMoon22 12d ago

I just sighed...deeply.😩

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u/[deleted] 12d ago

I'm curious, when did you realize that maybe you had romantic feelings for him too and it wasn't just platonic?

Before or after he distanced himself?


u/OkaP2 12d ago

Before, but I didn’t think he was interested


u/tghast 12d ago

Classic. The romantic equivalent of missing a high five.

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u/Subject-Not-Found11 12d ago

Wow, that's exactly what happened with me and my husband, but took more time for us to realize that, now we have been together for 5 years and have a baby girl called Zelda ♡


u/Significant-Theme240 12d ago

Like, 99.99% of the time when someone says "We have a baby called (insert famous name)!" It's hella cringy. Somehow, reading your comment literally made my head tip to the left as I said "awwwwww." So cute. And I don't know why, but I'm happy for you.


u/Indigocell 12d ago edited 11d ago

Because Zelda is a legitimately cool name. Also, Robin Williams' daughter is named Zelda for the same reason lol.

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u/[deleted] 12d ago


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u/gdex86 12d ago

See we lucked out because we have a shared friend from childhood who rounds us out to a power trip and after months of subtlety trying and backing off he got exasperated and spelled out both of our bullshit ending with him yelling at us to "Figure this shit out."

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u/kograkthestrong 12d ago

We were're dating for maybe a month and my birthday was coming up. We never really talked about sweets. We met up for a date, which was already weird since I always picked her up. I would say hello to her mom and brother and be on our way. Anyways, she had this big platter. She had baked cookies and spelled out "I ❤️ YOU KOGRAK HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY." Every letter got its own cookie. She baked me cookies cause she had pieced together that I don't like cake. She also apologized cause these cookies were like rocks. Them things were HARD. It was the cutest thing ever. She let me eat 2 before she said I didn't have to eat the rocks. Her exact words lol. That was 9 years and 3 kids ago. I do all the baking now though.

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u/Ahzelton 12d ago

I had just left a very abusive relationship and was newly dating my now husband. We were on a two hour drive back to his place and my car broke down. I started spiraling and getting angry at him. He cut me off mid angry ranting and said, "oooh are you doing that thing where you get angry at me first case you're scared I'm going to be angry with you? I'm not angry, you should stop wasting so much unnecessary energy". Then he got out of the car like a perfect mic drop and I just sat there like an idiot, shocked and in love. He absolutely helped heal me.


u/nowoscript 12d ago

im glad youre in a better place!


u/Adorable_Raccoon 12d ago

Honestly just having someone who is direct and patient can be so healing. This has been a wild year for me since I started dating a new guy and he is ridiculously kind. I have fear/anger response to minor things way more often than I ever thought and my bf still treats me with kindness every time. I can tell that it is changing how I act, because I'm noticing the panic and I can redirect.


u/Ahzelton 12d ago

I'm so so happy for you ♥️ when we get the love we should have had, it's wild how much it empowers us and makes us feel safe enough to start healing.

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u/kograkthestrong 12d ago

O hell yea

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u/SirArty_OwO 12d ago

Story of mine: for our first date we met in a city that was quite in the middle between us, because we both lived in the other ends of Germany 😅 and I just saw him as I got off my train. He was standing there, looking for me and as our eyes met I felt warm and fuzzy. I walked over to him, we hugged and I just held his hand as we walked away from the station. That's the moment I knew I loved him 😅


u/Thishal_BS 12d ago

awwww cutee

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u/SnooPoems8286 12d ago edited 11d ago

That is so adorable. I love how he was straight with her about his expectation and gave practical feedback about how to be a better partner / future parent.

For my husband and I - We communicated long distance for 9 months. When he visited me, he brought me a "stress relief kit" that he put together. It included affirmations, salon pas, bubbles and some other things. The fact that he noticed that I was in constant stress and I didn't even realize how much stress I was in was so heart-touching. It showed me he observes and cares to look out for my well-being.

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u/soundsfromoutside 12d ago

Idk when I knew he loved me but I knew when I loved him.

This was only a few months into our relationship. We were tripping balls on mushrooms. I became overwhelmed and needed to be away from the party so I stepped outside. He followed me, asked if I was OK, and I said “I need to be away from people.” And he asked me if he should leave me alone too and I didn’t want him to go. He wasn’t “people” to me. I could be alone with him.

Now we’re married :)

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u/Huntsvegas97 12d ago

We weren’t seeing each other at the time. I had decided I wanted something serious and he wasn’t ready for that, so we had cut all contact. I finally broke down one day and went to see him because I missed him. I worked on a morning radio show at the time that he listened to every day. When I saw him, he told me not seeing me had been torture and he couldn’t listen to the show because it was too painful knowing he couldn’t talk to me or be with me.

We’re now married, he’s an incredible father to my daughter, and our son will be born in April.

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u/justatmenexttime 12d ago

We were FWB for a few months about 4 years ago. One day we were linking up after work and just chatting and cuddling while nude under a blanket. I turned over to look at him and his pupils immediately dilated and I knew he caught feelings then.

But it wasn’t until a month or two later, when I had pregnancy scare that I knew he was in deep. While I was crying on the phone, he said, “I love you. Whatever you want to do, I’ll still be there and support it.”

We plan on getting hitched next year. 🥂


u/calXcium 12d ago

congratulations! im so glad you guys found each other 🤍


u/KhajiitKennedy 12d ago edited 11d ago

We were having an argument and he said something to me and I responded with "nu uh".

His face went from angry to the most shit eating grin I've ever seen and just said "the fuck you mean nu uh?!"

We are obsessed with the meme at the time and I accidentally set us up for it, we calmed down and didn't even really remember why we were arguing

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u/SadisticPie 12d ago

These comments makes me jealous and happy for them. One day ill be at the other side.

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u/moosmutzel81 12d ago

We were roommates at first. After about a year we were moving into a different place. When we carried out the first piece of furniture (the sofa) I sliced my hand open on some stainless steel.

I was bleeding all over the place but it didn’t hurt. My than boyfriend threw me in the car and rushed me to the ER. Once there I passed out and he caught me. We were married a few months later. That has been 19 years ago.


u/Red217 12d ago

Story time, bear with me!!

I dated a guy who was not the nicest or the best overall. He would withhold affection, did the silent treatment, made me feel icky often, just a whole lot. He would withhold affection from me but then purposely be overly affectionate with the dog and tell her how much he loved her, in front of me.

I loved the doggy too but he just was a dick that way. Anyway his friend came over and we were having a conversation that at some point led me to say "yeah sometimes I think he would rather fuck the dog before he'd fuck me"

He hated it. We got into a huge argument later about how I embarrassed him and belittled him and I better never do that ever again. Maybe the joke was in bad taste but I was fed up and whatever, he deserved it.

ANYWAY cue to when I meet my husband. We're dating and talking about marriage, kids, pets, the whole shebang. He's talking about how hed love a dog blah blah and here I go again with my terrible jokes, I said something like, "cool with a dog as long as you love me as much as you love the dog" he looks at me deadpan, not ever hearing the previous story, and says "obviously I'd love you more , I can't fuck the dog!"

I knew that he was my person immediatelyyyyyyy.


u/j1337y 12d ago

Oh good, in the beginning of your comment, I was worried you were gonna say you stayed with the shitty guy. So glad you have a husband who loves you more than the dog! Lol


u/Wooden-Evidence-374 12d ago

Apparently my gf decided she loved me when she was mashing potatoes with a fork on one of our at-home COVID time dates, because she didn't have a potato masher. It looked like she was about to break a sweat, so I offered to help.

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u/hexanyren 12d ago

I have a genetic disorder that I was born with. He drove 45 mins in heavy traffic to take me to my appointment where he then proceeded to witness me have a full body spasm after having my jaw and spine manipulated. I limped out embarrassed thinking this man would ghost me, instead he told me that it was helpful to see firsthand how my illness can affect me as he had been researching a lot about it. 3 years and many medical issues later, still together.


u/Gameli88 12d ago edited 12d ago

My last year of college I had a close friend who was very beautiful. She and I were flirty, but in a friendly/joking kind of way. Neither of us ever considered dating each other up to this point. We had become closer over one semester: doing homework together, connecting over music, we had very different and yet somehow similar backgrounds. etc., etc. I started to see she was funny, smart, and interesting, when at first I just thought she was flirty and hot. Well one night I was working on a big paper in my room with the door shut. I heard her voice in the common room and instinctively closed my laptop, stood up, and started walking toward the door; didn’t think about it, just knew I wanted to be where she was. I stopped myself and audibly said “oh crap. I love her.” I called my best bud to ask for advice. I told him I didn’t want to ruin my friendship with her. He told me if she didn’t feel the same way and I tried to swallow my feelings that would also ruin our friendship. He was right. Three kids and 14 years later, luckily she felt the same way.


u/MunchiestMochi 12d ago

This is only wholesome because of perspective. The other side is a story that gets posted on Reddit gently wondering how to handle this person and gets told a thousand times to abandon this person, go zero contact, take all of their shared money, and file a restraining order.


u/Freakychee 12d ago

It’s like the average Redditor doesn’t know about patience and understanding is part of relationships.

It’s not always going to be sunshine’s and rainbows.

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u/SachaSage 12d ago

You’re being sarcastic but yelling at someone as loud as you can during an argument is shitty behaviour and honestly doesn’t really feel like part of a wholesome story to me


u/Moebs000 12d ago

It's shitty behaviour, but it can be changed and if it is, like the story at least made us believe it was, then it's wholesome because someone just grew into a better human being, even if it took another person to show her it was needed. At least that's my theory


u/Muchado_aboutnothing 12d ago

Also a lot of these behaviors (like yelling) are learned during childhood and can be unlearned. My family were always yellers — my parents yelled at each other, yelled at us, my brother and I yelled at each other — and it took me some time in a serious relationship to learn that this wasn’t an appropriate way to express your feelings.

When I would argue with and yell at my partner (now my fiancee), he would never yell back and would just go quiet. This put a stop to my yelling pretty quickly; I was used to getting in screaming matches with people, but yelling at someone who won’t yell back just feels like bullying.

Now, we’ve been together about seven years and I can’t remember the last time either one of us yelled at each other. When I go home and my family starts screaming at me about one thing or another, I just use his strategy of going quiet, or saying something like “excuse me, but I’m an adult now, and please don’t yell at me.” At least for my family, this is pretty effective and helps avoid a screaming match.

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u/AffectionateGap1071 12d ago

Can I ask you what's the difference between a shitty behaviour being abusive and someone snapping up by accident or wanting to grow and improve?

Sorry, I believe you but I wanted to know.


u/Worm_Lord77 12d ago

One big thing is whether the person knows that what they're doing is wrong, or whether they think they have the right to shout or whatever. Someone who understands that they shouldn't be doing something may be able to change.

Sometimes it can happen because the only models theyve seen for relationships have been bad ones, whether with their parents or with previous abusive partners, but sometimes they're just bad people.

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u/Perpetuallycoldcake 12d ago edited 12d ago

I once threw a marker at my then bf (now husband) when we were first dating and had had a disagreement, because that's what i was used to in relationships. He let me know firmly but kindly that that was not going to be our relationship. It showed me that ohh he was different, and I can be different too and I immediately changed that behavior.

Wholesome doesn't have to be sickeningly sweet and perfect.

On the same note, my husband used to have horrible road rage. It made me very uncomfortable and a bit scared. I told him so and he slowly but steadily worked on it and is lightyears better now.

The fact that we were both willing and able to change is what moved our relationship forward. That's a bit the point of dating to me. To get to know someone and see things like, are they willing to change problematic behaviors, and if not, can I be with someone like that.

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u/unsupported 12d ago

Don't forget to go to the gym and get a lawyer.

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u/Artistic_Account630 12d ago

He proposed at a concert in front of A LOT of people. He is a very reserved person, and does not like to be the center of attention at all. He was very brave in getting past that and proposing in the way he did. I knew a proposal was coming but was still completely caught off guard. He could have done it in a much more private way for his own comfort, but he didn't. It was very special 🥹

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u/emmabella666 12d ago

I have a rough history with an ex husband and 3 kids. He has no exes, no children, and is incredibly smart working as an engineer in aerospace. I had nothing, not even a license when we got together. He believed in me. Supported me, and helped me every step of the way. Now I have my own car, a license, a decent job and we're more equal partners. He didn't complete me, he held my hand while I worked on completing myself. I never knew such stability and care in my life. He so outta my league man, I adore him.


u/calXcium 12d ago

"He didn't complete me, he held my hand while I worked on completing myself." gave me chills 😭 im writing that down lol


u/awesomesauce135 12d ago

On our first date she got her car stuck in the snow when she tried to find parking and I had to dig her out. Then I made us pasta but accidentally used pasta sauce that was moldy, and we didn't realize until half way through eating it. After having toast for dinner instead we went back to my room and we had fun and got handsy, but afterward she started crying and holding me telling me to not ever leave her.

From the outside looking in, our first date was an absolute disaster. There were red flags from both of us. Yet the whole time we were super comfortable with each other and laughing about all the shit that was happening. May not have been the moment I knew I wanted to marry her, but it's definitely when I knew that this would blossom into a serious relationship (together almost 4 years this winter).


u/LajosvH 12d ago

I‘m a non-passing trans woman. At some point relatively early in our relationship my boyfriend just went „hey, it’s my sister’s birthday this weekend. You wanna come? I want my family to meet my girlfriend“ — and he said it like it’s no big deal


u/ElMdC 12d ago

So happy for you! 😊


u/LajosvH 12d ago

Right?? Like, how did I get so lucky? He even kissed me goodbye after an early date on a crowded subway platform


u/Tight-Entertainer-24 12d ago

I know this refers as the potential danger of some violent transphobic idiots in the public space, but besides that (and regarding his family and so) I wish you internalize (if you haven't, ofc) that you absolutely deserve a boyfriend being proud of you and wanting to introduce you and brag you and everything, independently of how passing or not you are. I'm so glad you've found a loving partner, I wish you both the best !

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u/flaggrandall 12d ago

non-passing trans woman

What does non-passing mean in this context?

Sorry if it's a sensitive question


u/c-xavier 12d ago

it means that her physical appearance doesn’t match her gender identity and someone who doesn’t know her would likely assume she is a man.


u/garry4321 12d ago

Not everyone born as a bio-male can easily "pass" as a woman without question. Like for me, I have broad shoulders small man hips and just general male bone structure and gait. No matter how much hormones I took, feminine clothing I wore, or makeup I put on would anyone look at me and think "thats a bio-woman".

Many Trans women can easily pass for a cis woman, and you would only know if you were told. Patti Harrison comes to mind.

Essentially OP is saying its quite obvious they are Trans.

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u/Commercial-Range9123 12d ago

My then girlfriend and I where vacationing in Jordan, I was driving and turned onto a road with a fitting name 'death road' (near the Iraqi border). Found out real quick why it was called that... Got sideswiped by a truck narrowly missing the driver side. I swear to you that time slowed to a trickle when the glass shattered and was flying through the air. All I could think: is she alright.?! The the car got clear thrown across the road and did not roll over. Nothing else mattered more than her was safety.

She thought the exact same thing at that moment.

We both knew right then and there but recounted that part years later just after our wedding.

Good times


u/saltedeggcrab 12d ago

Took care of me the whole two hours I spent retching over the only toilet in the apartment. And he held in his pee for about an hour, too.


u/MZsince93 12d ago

So far, nobody has fallen in love with me. I hope it happens to me one day, I want a story to tell.


u/Mysterious_Bat_3780 12d ago

As far as you know

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u/ErrantIndy 12d ago

My boyfriend and I had met years ago through friends an’ then we’re reintroduced by another friend who thought we’d get along, give each the other’s number. We lived states away by now and talked over phone an’ text for months. It felt serious for a long distance relationship.

I’d been evicted after losing my job a year or so before and moved in with a friend and his wife. Well, the now ex-wife wanted to isolate my friend before she dropped the divorce papers, so she convinced my friend to ask me to move out. I had no where else to go. The rest of my friends had moved away recently. So I explained what was happening to my boyfriend, and before I could ask him, he told me to come move in with him.

We’ve been together four years now. We’re not the marryin’ sort, but we have no plans of goin’ anywhere that’s not together.


u/JLifts780 12d ago

Should not have opened this thread as someone chronically single lol


u/Responsible_Hater 12d ago

Same. I’m crying on my couch at 9am

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u/You-Get-No-Name 12d ago

I was at a pub with two coworkers (my boyfriend and I are also coworkers) about a month into out relationship. Our coworkers knew we had a fling but it wasn’t totally official. I got really drunk, which is normally unlike me, and when my boyfriend was off from work at midnight, he joined us. Afterwards we went to his place and I started crying - no, HOWLING - over some random thing, locked myself naked in the bathroom several times, and he kept coming to get me and calmly put me to bed. I kept leaving the bed and he was so patient and just put a blanket over me and walked me to bed. The next day, I was beyond embarrased. I was convinced that our relationship was over. But he was so understanding and kind. Nothing ever came of it otherwise and our relationship became official about two weeks later.

We’ve been together for a year and a half today.


u/pdlbean 12d ago

I introduced him to my parents and I joked that they loved him so much they'd start harassing us about a wedding and kids. He said "well, not yet." I asked if he thought we were lasting that long. He said "Honestly? Yes." Six years, a wedding, and two kids later...


u/_God_Knows_Who_ 12d ago

Before this process, get a girl to argue with!


u/garfieldlover3000 12d ago

After spending some time hanging out as friends, we went on our first real date. The guy sitting at the bar next to us asked how long we had been married, and I said it was our first date and we weren't married. He said, "you will be, that man loves you!" And I looked over at my bf and he was blushing so hard.


u/asdfjklqueen 12d ago

i knew he truly loved me bc he stuck with me when my bpd suddenly manifested less than a year into our relationship. i was freaking out the whole time bc i didn’t know what was happening to me. i didn’t understand why i was feeling things the way i was feeling - especially the extreme sadness and anger. i think it’s because i showed that i was proactive about it when i sought therapy. now he acts as a literal safety blanket for me when i have my moments every now and then. he’ll literally wrap his arms around me and calm me down.

he (and honestly no one) should have had to deal with that because i was a piece of work when triggered. luckily i learned how to cope and not be destructive. anyway, i’m grateful that he stayed because we’ll be at 9 years in february.

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u/D-Aquila 11d ago

I knew my then girlfriend, and now wife, loved me when I was coming home from a deployment to Afghanistan.

As I was cleaning my gear and I kept finding letters. I'd set them aside in a plastic bag so I could go through them later. As I was waiting for our flight out, I was absently going through them.

She had sent me a HAND WRITTEN letter for every week that I was gone, not including R&R. I was in a tent with 30 other guys and people saw I was crying. They asked me if I was okay. and I told them... Every dude who had a good relationship with their wives back home teared up.

Sadly some of them got lost. They were simple letters assuring me she was okay, that she missed me and was looking forward to me being home. I returned home from that deployment in February 2009. I proposed to her in March 2010 and we married in August 2011. We Just passed our 12th wedding anniversary and on Christmas Eve, we'll celebrate 16 years of being together.


u/Quemedo 12d ago

I do stupid shit. And I like who I am as a person but, more than once, I got dumped for being me. Some people didn't like how I was in public. That's fine.
Three days with her I was about to do some stupid shit and stopped mid action and immediately got sad (remembering other people dumping because of said stupid shit), she asked what's wrong and I explained. Than she hold my head (I'm 6.4', she's 5.7 I think, or lower) and said that she's with me because of who I am and what I do. I started loving her to death that instant.
12 years strong.


u/jellywellsss 12d ago

That’d shut me up 😂


u/Bramble_Ramblings 12d ago

About a month in I had gone with him to pick out some chairs for his apartment because he was throwing his best friend a birthday party. He told me it was gonna just be their close friends and I understood 100%. We grabbed some lunch overall it was honestly a pretty great day.

Later I had gone into work for a late shift and didn't get out to close till 11. On my way home I got a call from him obviously very very drunk and laughing with his buddies but he said he needed a minute and just asked about how I was doing and how work went. It was nothing important but he'd just wanted to make sure the rest of my day was good too. He told me about the party and I could hear his friends giggling about him a} bit in the living room like "OOOO IS THAT HERRRR??".

Apparently he'd set an alarm on his phone to call when I got off work in case he got too drunk/forgot. When I didn't get off work at 9 he just kept letting it go every 30 minutes and would try and call me but since I set my phone on airplane mode when I'm at work I hadn't seen any of them yet.

Anywho getting a call like that* meant the world to me and we're going on 6 years!!

*ETA the rest of my sentence and not my talking to work loool


u/remeranAuthor_ 12d ago

lol can you imagine how fucked you'd feel if you got that response after shouting at somebody because you were mad as hell at them?